Fighter Tier List

This tier list should only be used for determining whether or not to invest in a character. You should never follow any tier lists blindly solely for the sake of meta because that’s how you burn out in a gacha game like this.
Kindly read the details at the end of the page before jumping straight into the tier list or you will be very lost here!

 FighterStarsColorTypeBannerOverallPvPPvAI Off.PvAI Def.TAPvETCQNon-5*
95 Kyo95 KyoFiveBlueAttackStep-up Normal3N/A3.5N/AN/A2N/AN/A
95 Yuri95 YuriFiveGreenAttackNormal3N/AN/AN/AN/A2N/AN/A
96 Athena96 AthenaFiveBlueAttackNormal Free4N/A3N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
96 Kyo96 KyoFivePurpleBalanceNormal Free4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
96 Mature96 MatureFiveGreenDefenseNormal Free3.5N/AN/AN/AN/A2N/AN/A
96 Terry96 TerryFiveYellowAttackNormal Free4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
97 King97 KingFiveYellowAttackStep-up3N/A3.5N/A31.5N/AN/A
98 Vice98 ViceFiveRedDefenseNormal Free4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
98 Yuri98 YuriFourBlueDefenseNormal1N/AN/AN/A01N/A0
99 K'99 K'FiveRedAttackStep-up Normal3N/AN/AN/AN/A2N/AN/A
99 Xiangfei99 XiangfeiFiveBlueAttackStep-up4N/AN/AN/AN/A3N/AN/A
99 Maxima99 MaximaFiveYellowAttackStep-up4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Idol AthenaIdol AthenaFiveBlueBalanceAdvent Free4N/A44N/AN/AN/AN/A
Hween AngelHween AngelFiveYellowBalanceSeasonal3N/A2N/AN/A3N/AN/A
Hween KulaHween KulaFivePurpleAttackSeasonal2.5422N/A2.5N/AN/A
Hween MatureHween MatureFiveRedAttackSeasonal4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Hween ShermieHween ShermieFiveBlueDefenseSeasonal4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Hween YashiroHween YashiroFiveGreenDefenseAdvent Free3N/A2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Jin Kazama (Classic)Jin Kazama (Classic)FiveGreenBalanceCollab Free333N/A1.5N/AN/AN/A
Lady BillyLady BillyFiveGreenBalanceSeasonal4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Lady ChangLady ChangFiveYellowDefenseSeasonal FES1.51.521N/A1.5N/AN/A
Lady YashiroLady YashiroFivePurpleAttackSeasonal3N/A3N/AN/A2N/AN/A
Ling Xiaoyu (School)Ling Xiaoyu (School)FivePurpleDefenseCollab2.532.53N/A2N/AN/A
Omega RugalOmega RugalFiveRedAttackFES1301.5N/A3N/AN/A
Original ZeroOriginal ZeroFiveBlueAttackFES122111N/AN/A
Orochi ChrisOrochi ChrisFiveYellowBalanceFES2.5522N/A2N/AN/A
Orochi IoriOrochi IoriFiveYellowAttackFES1.5N/A2321N/AN/A
Orochi LeonaOrochi LeonaFiveBlueBalanceFES231.54N/A1.5N/AN/A
Orochi ShermieOrochi ShermieFiveGreenAttackFES1.51.51.52N/A2N/AN/A
Orochi YashiroOrochi YashiroFiveBlueDefenseFES2.532.52.5N/A3N/AN/A
Sentai Ranger ClarkSentai Ranger ClarkFiveBlueAttackAdvent Free3523N/AN/AN/AN/A
Sentai Ranger RalfSentai Ranger RalfFiveRedDefenseAdvent Free352.53N/AN/AN/AN/A
T7 Armor KingT7 Armor KingFiveRedDefenseCollab Free3.5N/A3.5N/A1N/AN/AN/A
T7 Heihachi MishimaT7 Heihachi MishimaFivePurpleAttackCollab3N/A2.5N/AN/A1N/AN/A
T7 Jin KazamaT7 Jin KazamaFiveBlueDefenseCollab1.51.51.521.53N/AN/A
T7 Kazuya MishimaT7 Kazuya MishimaFiveYellowBalanceCollab112112.5N/AN/A
T7 Ling XiaoyuT7 Ling XiaoyuFiveYellowAttackCollab332.5N/AN/A3N/AN/A
T7 Paul PhoenixT7 Paul PhoenixFiveGreenAttackCollab1.531.52N/A1.5N/AN/A
Xmas ChangXmas ChangFiveBlueDefenseSeasonal2.5N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Xmas ChoiXmas ChoiFourBlueAttackSeasonal Free2.5N/AN/AN/AN/A1N/A1
Xmas LeonaXmas LeonaFiveYellowBalanceSeasonal4N/A5N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Xmas WhipXmas WhipFivePurpleBalanceSeasonal4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Xmas YuriXmas YuriFiveRedAttackSeasonal4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
XIV GeeseXIV GeeseFiveRedAttackFES11123.51.5N/AN/A
Underworld YamazakiUnderworld YamazakiFiveRedDefenseAdvent Free5N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

How to use

This tier list only shows 10 characters on each page by default. You can change the settings by selecting how many entries you want to show. The individual tiers for each game mode are sortable by clicking on the headers of each column. Criteria for the characters can be chosen by typing into the search box. For example, if you wanted to look at only five-star FES red attack characters, type “five fes red attack” into the search box. The order which you type the keywords does NOT matter, and you can type as few or as many keywords as you like.

Character Tier Explanations

Click the above link to understand why the characters were placed in their respective tiers. Note that the explanations are for the overall tier. To further understand why certain characters are good/bad in certain game modes, you will have to check out their individual character pages.


Indicates the overall usability of a character. More of a metric of how worthwhile a character is to obtain/invest in than an actual indicator of it’s strength. The usefulness of a character in PvP/PvAI Off./TA is more valued than other game modes as these modes will be your primary source of free rubies. PvP and TA are more valued than PvAI Off. as “good” units for PvP/TA are harder to come by. Also, it should be noted that in future live PvP modes, you may need 6 units for PvP (as your opponent will get to ban 3 units) — This is another reason why PvP is more valued than PvAI.
Player versus Player. Indicates the usability of a character for live pvp in tournament or championships mode. Championships mode is unreleased at the moment, but will become a primary source of free rubies in the future.
PvAI Off.
Player versus Artificial Intelligence Offense. Indicates the usability of a character for arena/league modes when you are challenging others. The goal in PvAI Offense is to obtain perfect runs so you maximize the amount of points you get, which is why super armor (SA), damage immunity (DI) and heals are highly valued here.
PvAI Def.
Player versus Artificial Intelligence Offense. Indicates the usability of a character for being on your arena/league teams to ruin others’ arena/league runs. It is assumed that most players are capable of winning most of the time, so creating a team that strives to ruin others’ perfect runs is the goal here. This is why apart from super armor (SA) and damage immunity (DI), damage reflect and damage over time (DoT) is highly valued here. (Damage reflect pierces immunity, and damage over time can outlast immunity to cause damage)
Time Attack. Indicates the usability of a character in time attack, which is a primary source of free rubies. Take note that certain characters are ranked highly for its leader/striker skills and not for actual usage in time attack.
Player versus Environment. Indicates the usability of a character for clearing quests. Note that of all the tier lists, this is the most useless tier list as you can clear all end-game content with non-5* characters. As such, minimal effort is put into the ranking for PvE, so don’t take this tier list too seriously.
Team Chain Quest, a future mode which is yet to be released in global. It’s only a placeholder for now but it will eventually become a source of free rubies and good free characters.
Indicates the usability of a non-5* character. Take note that certain game modes require you to use non-5* characters so don’t assume non-5* characters are useless.

About the Tiers

Take note that in this game, the end-game content for PvE can be cleared with non-5* characters so you DON’T need to chase meta to clear end-game content. However, you may face difficulties playing PvP, PvAI and TA which are sources of free rubies. In which case, you’d want to follow meta to a certain extent.

Tier 0
Characters in this tier are so overwhelmingly strong at the game mode they excel in that not having them is such a huge disadvantage in this game. They go way beyond the meta and simply destroy the competition at what they excel in.
Tier 1
This tier is for characters that perform very well in the particular game mode they excel in, and they are what you would call meta-defining.
Tier 1.5
These characters perform just as well as characters in tier 1 in the game mode they excel in. However, they may be less favored than those in tier 1 for certain flaws. Some examples of these flaws could be but are not limited to:
1. Essential characters/strikers/card are still unreleased in global,
2. Character may be hard-countered by certain characters
3. Character sucks at auto
Tier 2
Characters in this tier are still great at what they do but simply cannot compete against characters in higher tiers. However, you can make do with these characters and perform well in this game. Take note that considering the existence of FES characters which are very expensive to obtain, tier 2 characters are probably good enough for majority of the playerbase.
Tier 2.5
Once again, these characters do pretty well at what they excel in, but certain flaws hold them back from being placed in tier 2. Obviously, this doesn’t mean they suck or anything — they could probably still be considered meta among non-FES units.
Tier 3
Characters here are considered “good” characters, as most content in this game aren’t difficult/restrictive enough that you absolutely need meta characters. (Except PvP and TA where you begin to realize you’re facing a serious handicap if you use anything worse than tier 3)
Tier 3.5
Characters in this tier are objectively good characters compared to most other characters. However, as with all gacha games, power creep happens and these characters are left in the dust by the newer and better characters.
Tier 4
These characters certainly are usable, but if a FES unit or a seasonal/collab unit finds themselves placed here or worse — That just sucks. Meta-chasing isn’t healthy, but unless you like certain characters in a worse tier or you don’t have a better choice, this is probably the lowest tier I’d settle for.
Tier 5
These characters are just barely usable. I wouldn’t invest in any of the characters in this tier unless you’re gunning for a waifu team or something of that sort.
Either the character is not applicable in this particular category, or the game mode is too competitive/demanding for you to use this character — in which case, they SUCK.