99 K’

99 K’
Overall Tier3PvP TierN/A
PvAI Off. TierN/APvAI Def. TierN/A
Time Attack TierN/APvE Tier2
TCQ TierN/ANon-5* TierN/A
Power Rating6.8LS Rating9
BannerStep-up NormalCost60
Leader SkillIncreases Red element Fighter's ATK by 50%

Tier Explanation

Not a 'good' unit, valued primarily for leader skill

Pros: Good leader skill for red units, Burn DoT, ATK Buff, Freeze duration decrease, Okay projectile
Cons: Very Slow CD, Average Multipliers, Average ATK


He was released in a step-up banner but was later added to normal pool and selector pool around 2 months after his release. However, at the time of writing of this review, 99 K’ was not added into infinite reroll pool yet.

He has a good leader skill for red units which is very useful in PvE. (He is quite bad at PvE though, he’s only good for his leader skill.) K’ is also useful as a striker for Original Zero (until newer FES units are released). He is one of the better units in normal pool and would be a decent option for new players considering what to choose with their free 5* fighter selector.

Take note that 00 Vanessa, who has the same leader skill and is also red attack type, will be released in the future. She is objectively better than 99 K’, so I would not invest in 99′ K since there are a lot of normal red units who are better than 99′ K. (You can use 99 K’ solely as a leader skill mule.)


Skill 1
Inflicts DMG equal to 541% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 13 secs
Skill 2
Inflicts DMG equal to 542% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 13 secs
Skill 3
Inflicts DMG equal to 546% of ATK to an enemy
Increases ATK by 11
6% for 7 seconds
Cooldown: 13.1 secs
Inflicts DMG equal to 1370% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 20.1 secs
Striker Skill
Inflicts DMG equal to 272% of ATK to an enemy
Inflicts additional 30% Burn damage
Cooldown: 1 secs
Special CardInflicts DMG equal to 2218% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 21.1 secs
PG Consumption: 5 bars
Obtainable from normal banner/exchange/selector


Level 90Core Bonuses
Critical Rate6.5%3.2%
Critical Dmg Rate116.9%0%
Guard Penetration3960
Guard Def4600


12% Strike skill attack DMG Increase
192 Penetration Increase
Deals burn DMG equal to 7% of ATK every 1 seconds for 7s upon landing an active skill
Deals burn DMG equal to 10% of ATK when attacking a Burned enemy, and an additional Burn DMG equal to 10% of ATK upon landing a Critical Hit.
1050 ATK Increase
30% Freeze Duration Decrease
20% Burn attack DMG Increase
3.2 Critical Rate Increase

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