Orochi Yashiro

Orochi Yashiro
Overall Tier2.5PvP Tier3
PvAI Off. Tier2.5PvAI Def. Tier2.5
Time Attack TierN/APvE Tier3
TCQ TierN/ANon-5* TierN/A
Power Rating8.3LS Rating6.3
Leader SkillIncreases Blue element Fighters' HP by 25%, Active Skill DMG by 25%, Active Skill DMG by an additional 20% when HP is 70% or more

Tier Explanation

Pros: Heals, Super Armor, DEF to ATK Buff, High Multipliers, High HP, High ATK, High DEF, Infinite Combos
Cons: Bad CD


All he’s got going for him is decent damage and good grab skills. He is defense type which makes him extra tanky which is generally a good thing in PvP/PvAI Def. He does have a DEF to ATK conversion skill which gives him decent damage. His third skill is a dashing grab which is pretty good, but he leaves much to be desired as a FES character.


Skill 1
Inflicts DMG equal to 620% of ATK to an enemy
Increases ATK equal to 42 of DEF for 8 second(s) when using a skill
Cooldown: 11.8 secs
Skill 2
Inflicts DMG equal to 646% of ATK to an enemy
Deals additional DMG equal to 100% of ATK to all enemies for every attack
Cooldown: 10.9 secs
Skill 3
Inflicts DMG equal to 594% of ATK to an enemy
Gains Super Armor
Increases DEF by 35% for 10 second(s)
Cooldown: 11.7 secs
Inflicts DMG equal to 938% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 20.9 secs
Striker Skill
Active team members gain Super Armor for 3 second(s) and recover 10% HP
Cooldown: 1 secs
Special CardInflicts DMG equal to 2166% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 21.2 secs
PG Consumption: 5 bars
Obtainable from FES card banner


Level 90Core Bonuses
Critical Rate6.5%0%
Critical Dmg Rate116.9%0%
Guard Penetration2760
Guard Def5660


12% Grab Skill Attack DMG Increase
630 ATK Increase
Recovers HP equal to 25% of DMG received while using Active Skills.
Increases HP Recovery by 14% and recovers 1.4% HP every 3 second(s) when HP is 70% or less.
10500 HP Increase
15% Power Charge Rate Increase
Decreases 8% of Strike Skill DMG
1520 DEF Increase

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