T7 Heihachi Mishima

T7 Heihachi Mishima
Overall Tier3PvP TierN/A
PvAI Off. Tier2.5PvAI Def. TierN/A
Time Attack TierN/APvE Tier1
TCQ TierN/ANon-5* TierN/A
Power Rating8LS Rating7.7
Leader SkillIncreases Purple element Fighter's ATK by 35%, and Critical Rate by 5%.

Tier Explanation

King of PvE (Dishes crazy amounts of damage)

Pros: Shock DoT, ATK Buff, Very high Multipliers, High ATK, Infinite Combos
Cons: Bad CD, No SA/DI or he would have been amazing


Sadly, Heihachi just doesn’t have much to offer. He is undeniably VERY strong in PvE as he dishes out CRAZY amounts of damage, but that’s not very useful because PvE content is not difficult enough to warrant having “meta” units to clear PvE content. However, though he isn’t great for PvP, he is very viable in PvAI offense due to his crazy damage output.


Skill 1
Inflicts DMG equal to 782% of ATK to an enemy
Stuns target for 2s upon landing a Critical Hit to Shocked enemies
Cooldown: 11.7 secs
Skill 2
Inflicts DMG equal to 648% of ATK to an enemy
Deals Shock DMG equal to 22% of ATK to the target every 1s for 7 second(s) upon landing a skill
Cooldown: 10.8 secs
Skill 3
Inflicts DMG equal to 710% of ATK to an enemy
Deals Shock DMG equal to 27% upon landing a skill
Cooldown: 12 secs
Inflicts DMG equal to 1347% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 21.3 secs
Striker Skill
Inflicts DMG equal to 314% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 1 secs
Special CardInflicts DMG equal to 1744% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 21.1 secs
PG Consumption: 3 bars
Obtainable from Tekken card banner


Level 90Core Bonuses
Critical Rate6.5%3.2%
Critical Dmg Rate116.9%0%
Guard Penetration3960
Guard Def4600


1.2sec. Combo Duration Increase
192 Penetration Increase
Deals Shock DMG equal to 2 times of remaining Shock, Burn DMG and remove Shock effect upon landing a Critical Hit.
Increases Critical Rate by 7% and Critical DMG by 14% for 3s when attacking a shocked enemy. (Stacks up to 5) (Rage Mode: Increases ATK by 40% and decreases damage taken by 30% when HP is 50% or less.)
1050 ATK Increase
6% Attack DMG Increase against Blue elements
8% Strike Skill DMG Increase
3.2% Critical Rate Increase

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