T7 Jin Kazama

T7 Jin Kazama
Overall Tier1.5PvP Tier1.5
PvAI Off. Tier1.5PvAI Def. Tier2
Time Attack Tier1.5PvE Tier3
TCQ TierN/ANon-5* TierN/A
Power Rating8.5LS Rating8.7
Leader SkillIncreases Blue element Fighter's ATK by +45%, and DEF by +10%.

Tier Explanation

Great at PvP for non-FES, Great Striker Skill for TA

Pros: Super Armor, Damage Immunity, Stuns, ATK Buff, DEF to ATK Buff, Drains PG, Average CD, Very high Multipliers, Very high ATK, High DEF, Infinite Combos
Cons: Average HP


He has super armor + immunity which is highly valued in PvP and PvAI modes. He boasts extremely high ATK stats for a Defense type, and he has cores which boost his ATK/DEF and has a skill that converts DEF to ATK. What more is there to say? He has the most useful effects (SA + DI) for PvP/PvAI, and he has AMAZING stats. His ranking for TA is for his striker skill which boosts PG. The only thing holding him back from being tier 1 is the lack of DEF to ATK conversion set cards in global (which will eventually be released). Note that with the future 6* Kaya set, he can attain more than 22k base ATK stat, which is CRAZY for a DEF type character.


Skill 1
Inflicts DMG equal to 687% of ATK to an enemy
Increases ATK equal to 45% of DEF for 7 second(s) when using a skill
Cooldown: 11.2 secs
Skill 2
Inflicts DMG equal to 715% of ATK to an enemy
Gains Super Armor for 3 second(s) and damage immunity
Cooldown: 10.8 secs
Skill 3
Inflicts DMG equal to 698% of ATK to an enemy
60% chance to Stun enemy for 2s upon a successful attack
Cooldown: 10.6 secs
Inflicts DMG equal to 1370% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 20.7 secs
Striker Skill
Active team members obtain 10% Power and increases their Critical Rate by 7% for 10s
Cooldown: 1 secs
Special Card 1Inflicts DMG equal to 1730% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 20.7 secs
PG Consumption: 3 bars
Obtainable from Tekken card banner
Special Card 2Inflicts DMG equal to 857% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 20.7 secs
PG Consumption: 5 bars
Obtainable for free from Tekken missions


Level 90Core Bonuses
Critical Rate6.5%0%
Critical Dmg Rate116.9%0%
Guard Penetration3040
Guard Def5380


1.2 sec. Combo Duration Increase
6300 HP Increase
15% Power Charge Rate Increase
Increases ATK by 30%, DEF by 30% for 5 seconds upon landing an Active Skill. (Rage Mode: Increases ATK by 40% and decreases damage taken by 30% when HP is 50% or less.)
Decreases target's ATK by 7% for 5 second(s) on Active Skill. (Stacks up to 3) Decreases target's Power by 5%.
1050 ATK Increase
8% Strike Skill Attack DMG Increase
1520 DEF Increase

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