T7 Kazuya Mishima

T7 Kazuya Mishima
Overall Tier1PvP Tier1
PvAI Off. Tier2PvAI Def. Tier1
Time Attack Tier1PvE Tier2.5
TCQ TierN/ANon-5* TierN/A
Power Rating8.5LS Rating9.5
Leader SkillIncreases Tekken Fighter's ATK by 55%.

Tier Explanation

King of PvAI Def, Great at PvP for non-FES, Great at TA

Pros: Unique Core that prevents death, Damage Immunity, Shock DoT, Resets CD, ATK Buff, Average CD, Very high Multipliers, High HP, High ATK, Infinite Combos
Cons: Low DEF


Arguably the prize of Tekken banner, this guy was shafted primarily by altema which rated him lower than T7 Jin. Kazuya has great utility because not only is he better than T7 Jin in live PvP, he is also more useful than T7 Jin in both TA, PvE and PvAI Def. The only area where he outright loses out compared to T7 Jin is PvAI Offense — which is arguably more important than the other game modes (for now). However, Kazuya is still greatly valued in PvAI offense due to his high damage output (as he can cast skill 1 twice) and his leader skill is the best leader skill for Tekken characters. Either way, a formation of 3 Tekken characters provides a 8% ATK boost when above 70% HP, so you should strive to make a formation of 3 Tekken characters when using Kazuya/T7 Jin/Paul in any content (except PvP).

Damage immunity from his skill 3 and his core which prevents him from dying when he reaches 35% HP earned him his place in tier 1. He has great cores, high multipliers for his skills, low cooldowns and like all Tekken characters, can do infinite combos. His core effect allows him to proc a DoT whenever he hits anyone in PvAI, which will last longer than any damage immunity skill. This earns him his place as the king of PvAI Defense. He is also the best at TA among tekken characters because of his long 3 PG special which hits the entire map AND when paired with the correct striker skill, it is capable of stalling time until the next spawns if done correctly.

His normal attacks juggle enemies well enough to chain with any of his skills or finishers, and his second skill launches enemies off the ground. He may have average stats, yes, but his core effects more than makes up for that. His core effects are all “good” cores and as mentioned in the tier explanation, he is AMAZING in both PvP and PvAI. (Give him a tekken option, and he becomes MUCH scarier to face in PvP/PvAI)

Time Attack Usage

He was the best unit in the game for Tekken time attack. His special card gave him a 3 PG special which hits the entire map AND when paired with the correct striker skill, it is capable of stalling time until the next spawns if done correctly.


Skill 1
Inflicts DMG equal to 707% of ATK to an enemy
100% chance to reset cooldown upon a successful attack
(Cooldown: 15s)
Cooldown: 11.1 secs
Skill 2
Inflicts DMG equal to 728% of ATK to an enemy
40% chance to Stun for 2s upon a successful attack
Cooldown: 11.4 secs
Skill 3
Inflicts DMG equal to 718% of ATK to an enemy
Increases ATK by 28% for 7s, becomes immune to DMG for 3s
Cooldown: 10.8 secs
Inflicts DMG equal to 1340% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 21.3 secs
Striker Skill
Recovers the active team member's HP by 12%
Cooldown: 1 secs
Special CardInflicts DMG equal to 1795% of ATK to an enemy
Cooldown: 21.3 secs
PG Consumption: 3 bars
Obtainable from Tekken card banner


Level 90Core Bonuses
Critical Rate6.5%2.4%
Critical Dmg Rate116.9%0%
Guard Penetration3400
Guard Def5270


1.2sec. Combo Duration Increase
2.4% Critical Rate Increase
If HP is 30% or higher, deals Shock DMG equal to 30% of ATK to the target every 1s for 5s, and decreases DMG taken by Critical Hit by 30%. (Rage Mode: Increases ATK by 40% and decreases damage taken by 30% when HP is 50% or less.)
Becomes immune to DMG for 5s when HP is 1% or less. (Cooldown: 45s)
1050 ATK Increase
15% Power Charge Rate Increase
8% Strike Skill Attack DMG Increase
8400 HP Increase

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